BioTHIK® Active Tri-Active System helps keep scalp in optimal condition to revitalize stronger re-growths

Premature and excessive hair loss is often attributed to the lack of nutrients to the hair resulting in weak hair that are susceptible to breakages with slower re-growth. The Tri-Active System helps by nourishing the scalp with natural nutrients to generate stronger hair re-growth.

BioTHIK® Active Tri-Active System is bio-compatible and contains no known harmful chemicals

BioTHIK Active Tri-Active System range of product does not contain carcinogens agent such as PEG, SLS/SLES, Paraben or Propylene Glycol

Latest scientifically proven stem cell technology helps to strengthen the hair against breakages for fuller healthier looking hair

Effective treatment against premature or excessive hair loss for male and female requires specific formulation due to the physiological differences. To achieve the best performing formulation, BioTHIK Active uses the latest natural fruit stem cell that has been formulated to effectively and specifically treat male and female hair loss problems respectively.

Swiss apple stem cell extract and pea peptide helps delay hair follicle aging and increases growth factors

Laboratory test results show the numbers of active and healthy stem cells is increased significantly when compared to untreated cultures

Natural pea peptide effectively inhibits the main factors in Male Pattern Baldness to reactive hair regrowth

Treating Male Pattern Baldness includes the use of natural pea peptides that effectively inhibits the TGF-ß1 in the dermal palpilla cells while boosting hair and scalp health through the activation of the stem cells in the hair follicles

BioTHIK® Active Folliplus bio-compatible formula includes 9 natural herbal extracts specially selected for their proven efficacy against hair loss

The innovative formulation contains a combination of nine specially selected natural herbal extracts that have been scientifically proven for their respective functions that when carefully combined provides a potent and effective formulation to extend the hair aging cycle and in strengthening the hair against breakages for a fuller hair