June 4, 2015



BioTHIK® Active Tri-Active System ACTIVE CARE

Hair Building Fiber

“Scientifically formulated from natural protein fiber to instantly increase hair volume in 30 seconds”

  • Instantly volumize for thicker looking hair
  • Quick and easy to apply in as little as 30 seconds
  • Lasts in wind and rain, no messy dyes to stain or smear*
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Washes out easily with shampoo
  • Comes in 2 main colours
  • *when use together with Fiber locking mist
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Innovative Features

Visible result in just 30 seconds

The product is extremely easy to use and any balding area are gone within just a few seconds with a fuller natural look

100% natural keratin fiber

Keratin is part of the natural components of the hair and with the natural keratin fiber as the key ingredient, the result is natural and undetectable unless under close scrutiny

Ultra Magnetic Charge

This innovative technology allows for a stronger adherence to the hair and is more resistant to water and sweat when compared to other products in the market that tend to run even under low water and sweat contact

Dermatogical Tested

The product has been extensively tested for safety and is suitable for all skin conditions

Available in 11 different shades

From black to blonde, there is a shade just for practically any hair colour tone

BioTHIK® Active Hair Building Fiber comes in 11 natural looking shades that easily blend into any hair colour concealing any baldspots and patches in a matter of seconds. These coloured fibers can also be mixed for the alternative shades of hair colour.

These specially coloured fibers are made of pure keratin, the same protein that is from our own hair and when shaken onto balding or thinning hair, the fibers instantly bind to the existing hairs giving the appearance of having significantly more hair. The fibers are each cut between the ranges of 0.3 - 0.5 mm thickness.

BioTHIK® Active Hair Building Fibers are applied quickly and without mess by simply shaking the container over the thinning area, releasing thousands of the microscopic colour-matched hair fibers, which bond on contact, and branch off your natural existing hairs.

Charged with static electricity, they attach themselves in fir tree patterns along the hair fibers so securely that they will stay in place all day, in strong winds and even sweat*. It will not stain or smear, but can be easily washed out with a shampoo wash.

* Use BioTHIK® Active Fiber Locking Mist to achieve desired result.

  • Step 1
    Apply on dry and clean hair. After styling, shake liberally over thinning area until scalp is no longer visible.
  • Step 2
    Pat gently to scatter the fiber with your hand.
  • Step 3
    Follow with BioTHIK® Active Fiber Locking Mist to lock fibers in place.