Step 1


BioTHIK® Active
Protein Keratinized Cleanser

“Fresh and Strong Hair”

A gentle daily scalp cleanser with fruit acid and carob tree oligopeptides, suitable for any types of scalp.

- Fresh scalp with no
excessive sebum
- Hairbreaking force
increase by 40.9%
- Soft and moistured hair

BioTHIK® Active
Protein Keratinized Conditioner

“Hydrating and cuticle Restructuring Effect”Enrich with mongongo oil which is able to form a protective film on hair under UV exposure. Suitable for any hair especially chemical treated damaged hair.

- Sleek and protected hair

Step 2


BioTHIK® Active
Folliplus Factor - For Him

“Promote Hair Growth in Male Pattern Baldness”

Special formulated with natural pea peptide that serves as stem cell booster, fight against Male Pattern Baldness by inhibiting TGF-ß1 in derma papilla cells.

- Prolong the active
hair growth phase
Promote hair growth
- Reduce hair falls

BioTHIK® Active
Folliplus Factor - For Her

“Slowed down the aging of hair follicles in Female Pattern Baldness”

Enhanced formula with swiss apple stem cell extract and pea sprout extract that capable of fighting against the hair follicle aging process.

- Hair aging process delayed
- Induce the growth of new hair

Step 3


BioTHIK® Active
Hair Building Fiber

“Add volume to existing hair in just 30 seconds”

Scientifically formulated to increase hair volume instantly in a natural way with 100% natural keratin fiber.

- Hair volume increased instantly

BioTHIK® Active
Fiber Locking Mist

“Locking and securing fiber in place all day long”

Scientifically formulated to secure hair fiber application to last longer through wind and sweat.

- Hair building Fiber are locked in place for better effect