BioTHIK® Hair Texture Protector

Suitable for all hair types

BioTHIK® Hair Texture Protector is specially formulated for conditioning hair without a greasy problem. It is fortified with Marine collagen + 7 Herbs + D Panthenol to enrich and balance hair moisture, a patented formula that can leave hair smooth and silky. It nourishes and provides vital moisture and shine while restoring hair to its full strength. It also energizes and protects hair from harsh styling products. For a highly beneficial result use after shampooing with BioTHIK® Scalp Cleansing Foam everyday.

The Marine collagen used in BioTHIK® Hair Texture Protector is of an extraordinary high concentration of marine origin soluble collagen and of high purity. With its hygroscopic feature and moisturization capacity, it is able to repair and protect our hairs. Marine collagen is extracted from fish that are being processed for other purposes, so the collagen derived from these sources is said to be environmentally friendly.

The 7 herbs that are included in BioTHIK® Hair Texture Protector are as follows:

1. Stinging Nettle – Conditioning and antidandruff
2. Birch – Anti aging
3. Horse Tail – Elasticizing
4. Coltsfoot – Treat sensitive and dry scalp
5. Yarrow – Soothing and antiseptic
6. Rosemary – Purifying and reactivating
7. Mother of Thyme – antimicrobial and antioxidant

D-Panthenol is the provitamin of D-pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5). It is a long lasting moisturizer that prevents hair damage. Panthenol is able to penetrate the skin and hair and is converted into Pantothenic Acid. It is able to retain water and also absorbs water from the air, aiding in skin and hair moisturization.