BioTHIK® Fiber Locking Mist

Scientifically formulated for locking and securing fiber in place all day

BioTHIK® Fiber Locking Mist improves hair's volume and thickness by locking and securing fibers in place all day. It helps maintain Hair Building Fiber application to last longer through wind and sweat, and it also provides a firm hold and natural shine for a great appearance and UV protection.

BioTHIK® Fiber Locking Mist is a unique formulation which helps keep the hair fibers in place whether it should rain or even be windy. The Mist helps lock the fibers into the existing hairs thus you may rest with peace of mind that the secret of your bald patches are secured.

Moreover, BioTHIK® Fiber Locking Mist is alcohol free an added benefit allowing moisture to be retained within the scalp and not letting it dry out easily. The product does not contain aerosols, making it non-flammable and safe for use on your hair.

Normal hairsprays can be used however it is not recommended, due to the relatively large droplets of spray released. The fibers can be dislodged and bunched together losing some of the fine detail that makes the hair fiber additions look natural. Locking Mist is specially formulated to avoid this common problem.

Many normal hairsprays come in aerosol cans whereby the high pressure on release of the spray can dislodge the fibres. A number of hair sprays may also contain alcohol which can be flammable, coupled with a pressurized can this proves to be a deadly combination.

BioTHIK® Fiber Locking Mist does not contain alcohol, nor does it use a presurrised can making it easy for anyone to use or store and dispose.