Stage 1


BioTHIK® Scalp Cleansing Foam I

Scientifically formulated for sensitive scalp and thinning hair

BioTHIK® Scalp Cleansing Foam II

Scientifically formulated for anti-dandruff, oil control and thinning hair

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BioTHIK® Hair Texture Protector

Suitable for all hair types

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Stage 2


BioTHIK® Intensive Follicle Reactive Serum I

Serum I is for thinning hair - recommended use 1 - 2 months

BioTHIK® Intensive Follicle Reactive Serum II

Serum II is for hair growth - recommended use 3rd month onwards

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Stage 3


BioTHIK® Hair Building Fiber

Scientifically formulated to add volume to existing hair instantly

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BioTHIK® Fiber Locking Mist

Scientifically formulated for locking and securing fiber in place all day

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