Step 1 - Cleansing & Preventing

Through cleansing the hair, any follicle blockage can be cleared, allowing for the improvement of the follicle condition and better control of scalp secretion. This adversely helps provide hydration to the scalp as well as increasing the scalps elasticity.

Furthermore the hair is able to then nourish itself and obtain vital moisture for healthier looking hair. In order to help in preventing hairloss, the hair needs to be energised and protected from harsh styling products. By protecting the hair, hair growth is enhanced through stimulating the microcirculation and blood flow to the scalp.

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Step 2 - Stabilizing & Stimulating

The 2nd step of the protocol cycle is known as Stabilizing & Stimulating. This step focuses on enriching the root of the hair and leaving a balanced pH on the scalp. This in return can help cure a number of hair disorders and enable healthier hair. Moreover this rejuvenates the hair and scalp, providing improved overall quality and structure of hair.

Further benefits include:

  • Balances the excretion of sebaceous glands
  • Stimulates hair growth and maintaining healthier hair appearance
  • Stabilizes hair follicle and assists in further moisturizing the hair
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Step 3 - Concealing & Maintaining

The final yet crucial step would be Concealing & Maintaining. Having healthy hair is a benefit but it can be difficult to maintain any existing hair especially if alot of the hair has already been lost. This can affect a persons confidence dramatically but over time it can also affect the overall appearance of the scalp.

By concealing the scalp not only are you protecting the scalp from direct exposure to UV light and thermal rays, but it also adds volume and thickness to the surrounding hairs as well. This provides a better environment to grow new and stronger hair.

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